Experience The Sublime!

The word Bloom is short for Bloomington, where we are located and a place we are so much in love with. Bawarchi comes from the language of Urdu meaning ‘The Chef’. We have reopened after a stylish revamp and hence it is Version 2.0. Here at Bloom Bawarchi, we celebrate food and its making. We constantly strive to create a food identity that is authentic and innovative by introducing novelty into simple Indian food by using a range of Indian ingredients with different regional influences.Our menu features a whole lot of vegetables, meat and delicious desserts from India’s rich culture including authentic south Indian cuisine that tastes like it came straight from there. Each item on the menu is designed with flair and attention to detail. Our USP is our fresh ingredients and delightful combinations of flavor and texture.We believe our customers appreciate the charm of going out for a meal that is affordable, wholesome and presented with a little love. We offer a suave dining and take-away experience. Regardless of the occasion, you can always expect a great atmosphere with great food at Bloom Bawarchi. With its intoxicating mix of taste and ambiance, its dedicated and effortlessly charming staff and its tantalizing food, Bloom Bawarchi will make you want to come back for more.