Celebrating You, Celebrating Food.

Celebrations happen in all sizes and we cater to all of them.  From micro-weddings to large scale gala dinners, we promise to turn the event into an amazing culinary experience for your guests. We tailor the menu to your needs and deliver beyond your expectations. Given the current COVID-19 situation, we see a surge in small size events. But we believe that it is not the size, but the spirit of the event that matters. And Bloom Bawarchi V2.0 values the trust that our clients have in us to make these intimate experiences memorable for them.  Our social media pages feature plenty of up-close images of our culinary creations and you’ll have a tough time scrolling through it without getting hungry. Putting together a menu for your event couldn’t get any easier. We have also made the process of doing business with us client-friendly and super-super quick. With only a few steps between looking us up and booking us , you will enjoy the experience right from the time you pick up your phone and make that call ..

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